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Sample Appraisals

1964 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster

Excerpts from Actual Appraisal by Steve Cram

Slammed by the Transport Company

Appraiser was contacted by furniture moving company that had been responsible for transporting this classic car. Corvette was placed high, in back of transporter, and improperly tied down. Car slammed side-to-side for entire 1,000 mile trip.

Automobile description:
1964 Chevrolet Corvette roadster, 327 / 365 bhp engine (#'s match), four-speed manual transmission, factory hardtop, cast aluminum knock-off wheels, am-fm radio, back-up lamps, 3.08:1 gears, tinted windshield.

Condition (including damage):
Using the traditional rating scale for vintage and/or collector cars of 1 to 5 (1, mint/show; 2, very good; 3, good; 4, fair; 5, poor; (add 6 for junk), this '64 'Vette survivor was before incident in high #2 very good condition (could be shown at some smaller concours) and now (following incident) is in low #3 good or #4 fair condition WITH tremendous hidden damage to entire rear clip of car that is not entirely visible from top of car (discussed below).

Fiberglass requires careful inspection - appraiser found even and on-direction striations on entire underside EXCEPT for the reworking of the now-removed flared wheel arches. Reworking fiberglass is a true nightmare since every spliced-in section is visible from underneath AND paint never takes and cools at the same rate on different pieces of fiberglass. Therefore, a paint job in original colors on different pieces of fiberglass comes out differently.

Tremendous damage is now apparent on entire rear clip. Appraiser believes a huge complete side-to-side crack will appear in the future. This is the widest area of the rear of the car from left rear wheel top to right wheel top area. There are two impact points, one on left side (not too apparent) and one on right side (very apparent where gouge and paint is gone). Whoever tied the card down for transit did an incorrect job and this vehicle slid back and forth for a very long time. Appraiser feels it literally slammed slowly right and then left, time after time after time. This stress crack will spell the demise of the car in the future (e.g. possible while traveling, it will open up completely).

Repairs to this car would entail the entire rear end clip of the car being removed and replaced. Sadly, the value of this car would be ruined since the underside striations of fiberglass would never match the front originals and it would be obvious damage from underside inspection. To do an entire clip and paint job might cost up to $20,000.

Painting fiberglass, like repairs to Fiberglas, are completely different from metal. Bright color such as red, yellow, orange, white and silver cannot be matched or patched. Fiberglass has its own fading properties to paint and appraiser has never seen a bright color patched up that is acceptable; hence, appraiser feels this whole car will have to be painted again. Any attempts to patch or feather in a close color would stick out like a sore thumb.

Hard top:
Good overall high #2 very good condition but with WRONG black vinyl attached. This was popular with owners to update the car but is incorrect for 1964. Should be redone to match paint that goes on car.

Overall high #2 very good condition; fine appearance that might show in some places. Dash instruments are correct for 1964 and all instruments work as they should including the clock.

Engine compartment:
Immaculate, semi-detailed condition - could show at some events. Very good wiring (high #2); cooling system in #1 order. Carburetor breather not correct, same distributor and some clamps (if you are super fussy). Overall, #2 high.

Very good high #2 condition except for overpaint on rear muffler (right side). New suspension and steering box.

Extensive damage to entire rear clip section outweighs rest of what was a very good car. Bright color paint cannot be patched or feathered and will have to be stripped and redone to be acceptable. Transport carrier is at fault to incorrect tie down (marks visible on rear end sections) which resulted in vehicle slamming from left to right repeatedly. Cost to put this right might be $7,000 or more.

Value before incident:

Diminished value due to rear clip damage:
$15,000 or more.