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Sample Appraisals

Don't Buy This 86 Ferrari 328 GTS

Excerpts from Actual Appraisal by Steve Cram

Exterior color:
Ferrari Red.

Interior configuration:
Palomino Leather to seats and panels.

Speedometer reading:
19,109 miles showing (semi-documented).

Using the traditional rating scale for vintage and/or collector cars of 1 to 5 (1, mint/show/perfect; 2, very good; 3, good; 4, fair; 5, poor/rough; 6 for junk), this very well-kept car is in almost #1 condition or A- on the report card, although the mechanical pedigree is somewhat shady and not clear.

Almost #1, no rust or impacts showing, paint almost #1 (dings on both doors that are minor), hardware/chrome in exceptional condition as are rubber grommets and seals; same glass and lenses; Tires #1-#2, wheels almost #1. Overall: impressive.

Well preserved with some stress marks showing on bottom and back of driver's seat only. Rest of interior is superb and could be shown. All instruments and functions controlled from within work as they should.

Trunk compartment (forward):
Almost #1 shape - even the telescoping lifters are not mangled. Both fans operate as they should; cooling system seems to be in #1 order. Battery is older and much too small for this car; should be replaced immediately with very large and hot battery that usually comes with such a car.

Car started with some coaxing then warmed up making exactly the correct sounds that this unique engine should make. Tested out very well on the freeway and about town: NO flaws. Usual bitchy transmission which performed well but made strange sort of "ratchety" sound in neutral at idle.

This particular vehicle was sold new by Walnut Creek Ferrari dealer, Narotam "Nims" Dhillon, who was indicted by the Federal Government for income tax evasion and his business operation subsequently closed down. Factory owner's manual has required first two service stubs torn out and car was serviced on 6/2/87 with 1615 miles on it and then again on 1/13/89 with 6404 miles. Original owner(s) is not inscribed in front of manual and no mention of owner(s) is made on remainder of these two service stubs. Vague history since.

This vehicle has been represented as a one owner car with pedigree and appraiser feels while the car is drop dead gorgeous, there is something shady with its past ownership(s). So far, the appraiser feels that no less than 4 people have had the car for some length of time and there may be a fifth. It is possible that only 1 or 2 really registered the car at all. No way to tell without complete from day one pedigree. Selling dealer, Nimms, was notorious for associating with and selling to various underworld types throughout the Bay area (and is still under investigation by DEA) and sadly, this car may be one that was used and not registered by a parade of persons unknown. Hence:

Value as in this appraisal/documentation:

DO NOT BUY. While this car was represented as a one owner car, it obviously is not and perhaps current seller does not know that. If your desire is a one-owner pedigreed car, then this one is NOT it.

While the car is truly gorgeous and performs superbly well, something just isn't right and this appraiser's 30-year old warning bells have gone off big time. There are other 328s out there, and time is on your side. It is a buyer's market.